It is well rumored and there could be certain truth, that Google is about to come with a commenting system for the third party sites using Google+ platform. If it is a truth, then now on, Blogs and other sites will be in position to use Google+ threads for their on-site commenting. However, this type of scheme, has once already is being used by Facebook that end only with FB competing with sketchy comment serving apps and utilities. It is also very interesting to learn, what difference Google can offer by presenting its plan of things.
Google definitely put its search engine experience into commenting. Sites even wouldn’t need to worry about indexing of comments in search results. And Google is also the best spam filter on the market, so this problem is also will have been eradicated by Google as well. This will help in displaying trending content on Google+ on various sites and would also attract new readers and participants from the massive Google+ network. These conversations will also be stickier. Sites that use Google+ comments will be able to pull commenters back to the site due to Google’s red notification box. And in addition Google+ comments will arrive in bold and italic text.
But, there is an issue related to the Google+ notification box as it would reach only to people with Google+. However, Google is interested in extending that reach. It will have to face stiff competition from comment systems like Disqus and Livefyre as they are consisted of all important social networks. Publishers may also not agree with only allowing users to share only on a single social network site. There is also one larger issue of broken comments. Google’s and Facebook’s approach of real-names policies to create stronger communities is even not working on commenting as well. And people even not wish their identities to be known publicly.

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