With every area of human development technological innovation is actively taking place in the field of website design and development. Companies are enabling their websites with software based technology for better client interaction and user experience. The latest fad in the field of website design and development is combining the user experience with the scientific testing.

This new technology into web design and development has been termed as behavioral design taking cues from the behavioral scientists working in the field of   psychology and economics. Using research outputs of behavioral science web developers are powering products and services to be twined with a website. 
The solutions, this way developed have answers to the questions like avoiding financial meltdowns or create better sustainable environments, thus offering  much better and healthier living environment for masses.

Behavioral research has been improvised in developing better motivational models. The powerful changes in motivational activities reciprocate by creating much better user experiences and marketing strategies. This activity further leads to improved business marketing conversion rates. Websites enabled with Apps are offering wonderful experiences and user experiences.

An attractive behavioral design approach is the LIFT Model that is an example of the extension marketing experiences. However, in this design model, there relies an intensive and significant issuer of clarity in the menu structure. This problem further leads to the feature-creep phenomenon resulting into an active and determinative focused development exercises.

The behavioral design has limited the chances of confusion for a developer.  And it has maximized the clarity and relevance of the step counter report.  Behavioral Design Research is just the beginning of web design testing in a specific environment. But, it offers an opportunity to move ahead and on the extended paths of the web designing to create a very and unique site development measures and opportunities.