Tablet computers like ipad and other electronic readers are taking slow but steady edge over the books published on ink. Now more and more people are converting to them browse magazines, check news and lose themselves out in novels. Online retail magnet  Amazon have created a distinguished market of electronic readers evolving and promoting the mainstream Kindle devices and Apple generated a massive demand for tablets ideal for learning from different online content mediums. It is estimated that there would be about annual revenue of
 $9.7 billion by the year 2016, more than tripling the $3.2 billion tally expected this year, as according to a Juniper Research report.

Readers now prefer to read from favorite reader from the digital version than the electronic version. “The e-book market is developing very fast, with consumer attitudes and behaviors changing over the course of months, rather than years,” reveals BISG deputy executive director Angela Bole. The doubts about e-book reading are diminishing as people are opting and aspired for lower price model and designs. The price spent of e-readers can be sum up many titles and it is a cheaper negotiability to read on e-readers.

Newspapers incur heavy cost on printing and distributing daily editions that can’t be with competition and freshness of news on internet. Advertising is also drifting towards online where audiences can be better targeted and advertisers pay when people viewers in reality click on ads.

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