A system is defined as a set of concepts or parts which work together with each other to carry out a specific job or a function. An organization is an entity having a system or the collection of systems. Every job in an organization is employed by a system to generate the product or services. The product or services are the various means by which an organization sustains and survives itself. There, following ones are the necessary component in a system to produce a product or service.

•    People: The workers making up a group and linked by a common activity.
•    Material: The raw products which go into the system.
•    Technology: The technique for achieving a practical purpose or goal.
•    Time: The measured period during which an action or process begins and ends.

And there every system should have at least one output in order survive and sustain and this output can be a material product like as television, computer software, services like as protection agency or an insurance agency. The output of a particular system in an organization illustrates as to be the final product, a service sold to its customers, or a product or service to aid or enhance the organization in its specific goal to produce out a marketable product or service. The final products (output) are there further are used in the organization to sell to its customers. In ISD, the system is made up of the components like:

•    People: The instructional designers, SMEs, trainers, learners, etc.
•    Material: The content used to help the learners become better performers.
•    Technology: The learning methodologies, media, etc. It also includes the technology that the learners are trying to master.
•    Time: The time invested in creating the learning platform and the time used to train the learners.

And its three basic functions follow as:

•    Input: The instructional designers, SMEs, trainers, learners, content, learning methodologies, media, etc.
•    Process: Aid the learners with gaining new knowledge and skills in a new technology.
•    Output: Performers.

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