Stevia – a small shrub indigenous to Paraguay and used by habitants- Gaurani Indians for nearly 1500 years as a sweetener, a digestive aid, tonic and ointment for wound healing has great medicinal qualities to aid in weight loss. If it is not exaggerating, then Stevia can reduce up to thousand of calories every week. It has a large number of health benefits and is completely non-toxic. Stevia is rich in nutrients and contains sizeable amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, zinc, rutin, vitamin A, vitamin C and over 100 phytonutrients.

Stevia is extensively used in weight loss therapies as a sweetener, as it does not contain sugar and calories and even can reduce appetite for sweets and fatty food in obese people. The leaf concentrate of Stevia before meal diminishes hunger sensations and its use with tea reduces desire for tobacco and alcoholic beverages. Opposite to sugar, it keeps the level of blood sugar normal in body. The sweetness in Stevia is because of complex stevioside molecule which is composed of glucose, sophorose and steviol. The other responsible compound responsible for sweetness in Stevia is rebaudioside

For consumption Stevia is available in many forms and the least refined form of Stevia happens to be most healthful. It can be purchased in dried leaf form, Stevia leaf powder, tea, liquid tincture, extract, or concentrate. Now- a- days, it is also available tablet form that provides ease or supplementing whether you are work, traveling, or the like. The most advanced forms of Stevia come in form of white powder or a clear extract.

Even Stevia is great in use if compared with “natural” sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup or molasses as they can be not feasible for health if consumed excessively. Over consumption of these sweeteners too raises blood sugar levels Stevia is beneficial for everyone who contains sweetener in his diet. For diabetics, these sweeteners are no less than a miracle. Stevia leaves are commonly used as herbal teas by diabetic patients in Asian countries to improve sugar levels. Don’t go instantly for using Stevia as for a regular sweetener you are using. You can start using it initially in some of your drinks, like tea or coffee. As far as your comfort level with Stevia increases you can completely replace it with regular sweetener. And soon you will be regular user of Stevia as supplement with labeled sugar and reduced fat.

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