What has been arrived as a consensus after observing and getting into the various aspects of content management is that content curation helps the content professional to collect the content from all around the Internet as according to their need and requirements. Content curation helps in keeping conversion as well as improving the customer experience.  By the content curation the importance and relevance to certain topic can be estimated within an industry and by that mean one can establish their trust among around the audience. With progression to the content curation there many companies have arrived in the market that provides the content curation services.           

Among the prominent companies in content curation the first and foremost name that arrives is of Scoop.it that was launched in Beta in about in late 2010. It works as bookmarklet and curator. It helps the users to select topic and then pass on content to them from many a number of resources. It helps to look at the most popular topic and top curators and hence the curation community as well can be formed out to be there. Presently, access to Scoop.it is only through invitation only.  

Paper.li is another content curation too that has an impressive presence on the social media sites prominently on Twitter. It is made in such a manner that it can organize links shared on Twitter and Facebook about in an easy to read newspaper style format. It is a semantic web project of small rivers that is a private Swiss company. It also lets its users to have access to other papers as embed papers on blogs or websites as well as to search for relevant and necessary content for the end users. Another important curation and content production and distribution tool is Content Curata, that gives the high quality leads and the risen above market visibility.

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