Phrasal Verb
Account for
Give reason / explanation for some action
Agree with
Suit one’s health
Back out
With draw from a promised support / help / obligation
Back up
Support one / something
Bank on
Rely on someone / something
Be at
Aim at getting something
Be back
Return home
Be with
Support someone
Bear out
Confirm something
Bear out
Support someone
Bear with
Tolerate patiently / sympathetically
Blow out
Extinguish a candle
Blow over
Pass away without causing serious effect
Blow up
Destroy something by explosion
Fill with air / Gas
Enlarge a photograph
Exaggerate something
Break down
Stop functioning due to a mechanical fault
Discontinue ( of negotiations)
Analyse into details
Lose emotional control due to shock
Collapse due to bad health / weakness .etc
Break in
Enter a house by force
Break in
Train some one
Break off
Break out
Start suddenly
Break up
Come to an end / disperse
Bring down
Lower/ reduce something
Bring out
Publish a book
Call at
Visit for a short time
Call for
Demand / require something
Call out
Summon someone
Carry on
Continue work / duty etc
Catch on
Get popular
Catch up with
Over take
Come across
Meet some one
Come by
Obtain something
Come off
Take place as planned
Come out
Be published
Come around
Regain consciousness
Count on
Rely on someone
Cut down
Reduce something
Cut off
Discontinue / disconnect
Deal with
Treat a subject
Die down
Decrease in intensity
Die for
Long for something
Die out
Become extinct
Do away with
Abolish something
Draw up
Make plan / agreement
Drop in
Pay a short visit
Drop out
Withdraw from plan / scheme
Fall back upon
Fall in
Form a line
Fall on
Attack someone
Fall out with
Quarrel with someone
Fall through
Fail / not to take place
Fill in / up
Complete a form
Fit it with
Match / suit
Get at
Find out
Mean to say
Get along
Make progress
Get away with
Escape punishment
Get back
Return home
Get in
Arrive / enter
Get off
Leave a vehicle
Get on
Enter a vehicle
Make a progress
Get over
Recover from illness
Get through
Succeeded in something
Get someone on telephone
Get up
Rise from bed
Give away
Distribute something
Give in
Surrender / Yield
Give up
Discontinue something
Go about
Circulate / move about
Go ahead
Continue / Proceed
Go back on
Break a promise
Go down
Be reduced
Be remembered
Go in for
Have as an interest / choose as a profession
Go into
Examine throughly
Go off
Go on
Continue an activity without a break
Go through
Read / Examine thoroughly
Go up
Be built
Grow up
Become an adult / mature
Hand out
Distribute something
Hand over
Transfer power/ authority to someone
Hold on
Hold up
Stop by force
Keep off
Refrain from touching /approaching
Keep up
Remain unchanged
Let down
Lower something
Let down
Disappoint someone
Fail to fulfil an agreement
Let in
Allow someone / something to enter
Let out
Allow to leave
Live on
Use a staple food
Live up to
Maintain an expected standard
Look after
Take care of something
Look down on
Despise something, something
Look for
Look into
Look on
Look on
Be a passive spectator
Look out
Be watchful
Look up
Search for something
Make out
Understand something clearly
Make off
Escape / steal something
Make over
Transfer something to someone
Make up
Invent a story / excuse etc.
Mix up
Confuse something
Pick out
Select / choose from many
Pick up
Learn something easily
Pull down
Demolishing a building
Pull up
Stop / halt
Put down
Crush an agitation
Put off
Postpone on action / meeting
Put on
Dress oneself
Put out
Extinguish light / fire
Put up
Erect a building etc.
Ring off
End a telephone conversation by putting down the receiver
Run after
Pursue someone / something
Run down
Criticise someone
Run out
Terminate / be used up
See off
Accompany someone to the place of departure
See through
Discover deception
See to
Attend to something / make arrangements
Send for
Call someone in
Set about
Begin something
See off
Start a series of actions/ events
See through
Discover deception
See to
Attend to something / make arrangements
Send for
Call someone in
Set about
Begin something
Set in
Set off
Start a series of action / events
Set on
Attack someone
Set out/ set off
Begin a journey
Set up
Start a new business
Shut down
Close something
Stand by
Support and help someone
Stand for
Represent something
Take down
Write / record something
Take for
Suppose someone / something to some one
Take in
Fool, deceive
Take off
Leave the ground
Take off
Remove something (Clothing)
Take over
Assume control/possession of something
Take to
Form a habit of or a liking for something
Take up
Begin a hobby / project
Tell on
Have a bad effect on someone
Think over
Consider an idea / suggestion
Throw off
Discard something
Try out
Test something
Turn down
Refuse / reject someone
Turn in
go to bed
Turn into
Convert something into something else
Turn on
Switch on
Turn off
Switch off
Turn out
Produce something
Evict something
Assemble / attend
Turn up
Arrive at a place
Increase of shares
Wind up
Wipe out
Destroy something completely
Work out
Devise a method / calculate
Work up
Excite someone
Write off
Delete Something
Write out
Write in full.