Writing a piece of information or developing a creative could pose different types of creative, constructive and composition hassles for a writer. Each type of writing impediment, generally, comes from different reasons and thus is solved by entirely alter way and solution. There is very broad category of constructive obstructions faced by a person in developing a substantial write-up. They are discussed and scrutinized below simultaneously one after another.
•    Lacking an inspiring and readable idea: This is a most common problem with everyone, who writes. You are just clueless what to write about and from where to start. In this scenario, it is best to begin with referencing and it is even not bad to borrow ideas from others. However, the most convenient is to write upon the topics from your area of interests. It makes easy to write flawlessly when thoughts come from within.
•    Indecisiveness to write on an idea: This is the next hassle even after getting an appropriate idea to write about. You are puzzled to pick up an idea or to begin on an already selected though thought. The writing can be started on that idea after reading literature and references on and around that thought. After having plethora of opinions on idea writing can be started on most suitable and matching line tuning with your thinking pattern and familiarity with you.
•    Failing to follow an outline: Sometimes a writer fails to write upon a set of outline developed by him. This could be due to lack of synchronization of thoughts in outline for the write up. For this, every point or subhead should review after writing for proper establishment and clarity of idea.
•    The story has deviated from the path:  During writing a piece of creative or a story, many times a writer comes across feeling of deviating from the original idea and story. It appears to him as a dead end.  In this situation, it is always right to continue, if the deviated path is slightly altered from the original idea. In case of totally away from the original idea, it is always advised to reframe and rearrange the writing piece according to the original idea.
•    Failing to develop a reader friendly story: Any writing effort is worthless, if it is not appreciated by readers. To make it a reader’s friendly writing venture, it is a nice practice to think, evaluate and research properly for an idea before beginning writing on it. Narrative and writing styles are other areas that a writer must ponder thousand times before penning for a specific audience or section of readers.    
•    Missing details during revision: To avoid this problem while writing, it is advised to look at a prior draft for the outline. Though you are fast in writing, but be slow and smooth during revision, so you may not miss any important and necessary details from the original idea. It is always good to rewrite important paragraphs incase revision is not giving feeling of satisfaction from the write up.
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