Today internet forms the basis of civilization. The successful accomplishment of any type of task will surely depend upon an effective use of the internet facilities available. The internet services available terrestrially have been the only forms of internet provision for a long time, rather from the beginning days of internet. DSL or dial up connection providers and cable companies were the only available service providers. But today the extra-terrestrial form of internet service is taking over the world of communication with every passing instance. It can be clearly made out that in the nearest future all sorts of internet services will made through satellite communications.
The first experimental implementation of this service was made in the year 1973. Later, in the year 1996 it was made available for the common public. Now, one might come with the question why this article is referred to as an extra-terrestrial form of service. Well, the answer lies in the name itself. This service involves the participation of the geostationary satellites. These devices orbiting the earth and positioned far above the troposphere act as the media between data sender and the receiver. The data in the form of signals are transmitted to the satellite. These satellites then resend the signals to the earth, where receptors receive them and the internet connection I generated for the user.
One of the main advantages of this internet apart from high speed is the fact that it reaches the remotest places. There are many areas in the US, where there is still no provision for internet connections. This is because that any telephone company or cable network provider cannot reach such places. Since, dial up connections use the POTs lines to provide internet to the users and cable connections need the coaxial cables for the internet transmission, if the companies cannot reach a place there is no question of internet without them. Most of the satellite internet service providers reach 99% of the country.
The speed provided by the satellite connections is 700-1.5 kbps. For some connections it is much more than this.  But, some users fear to avail this service since they think that these might need to incur a huge cost. This was actually the case in the initial days of the service. Using satellites placed in the space needed people to loosen their pockets a lot. But today the case is not so. Since, a large number of companies have come up in the market, there is stiff competition among the service providers and all of them are looking forward to avail more business. For this reason most of them are offering services at lower rates.
One who wants to avail cheaper services can obviously go for one way connections. People availing this kind of connection will have to install the set up system themselves. However, a technician is to be called for when a two way connection is used.
Thus to ensure a free-flowing, cost effective and fast internet connection one cannot deny the indispensability of satellite internet connections.

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