As it is well evident that internet has changed in a very huge way and the entire focus now has shifted towards Enterprise 2.0 however In this prompt change of activities a technical writer feel himself helpless and remain in doubt whether by any means technical writing going to help him in writing properly and be make some space for them in this period of social media and micro blogging.

A technical writer in a modern software industry is an inevitable part and works in alignment with business values in areas education, training, customer support, presales, marketing, or development yet he is away from social media that is rather deemed to be a public relation or marketing strategy. Somehow if there exists any social software then how a technical writer can work around it.

Despite being a technical documentation a technical writer can develop its approach towards responsiveness factor depending upon the key performance indicator for success on parameter like customer support. Responsiveness is one area where a content writer in technical area should always focus his attention.

Next important issue related to writing is content having the quality and features of being searchable over internet. For search factor a person should always go to one page of a search engine and there can asses what should be their ideal content. Next issue a technical writer should always devote his attention towards is economy on the social web where reciprocity and reputation are highly valued, and the currency is attention paid in links and time spent on a site, shareable content means that users can participate in the exchange of links for motivation or payment. Further more that content should be even sociable likewise too. Sociable content is interactive, conversational, engaging, and increases a sense of community or belonging when participating on a site. Sociable content works well when customer loyalty or lead generation is important.

Another important part is syndication where it means that content should be viable in a manner so could be used in form of subscription to content updates as they are important to him. Syndication helps for content to be used in a manner that is could be used in control by a user whether how information is received and how it is further used away out. With these points in mind a technical writer can achieve ample success in social media too.

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