It is there been a massive question to put content in right and effective manner so it becomes easy to become search out content on websites, especially, when the data  is immensely huge and is to be fixed for the content structure and information finding solutions effectively for web portals.  However, the standard web search algorithm becomes ineffective when a very large amount of data is needed to be indexed and made searchable. On web search fails to provide results when keyword is not put forth over there and huge cache even remains there unfound. If no such match is established, information tends obviously to remain unfound.

This problem of searching data can be sort out by using Rich Internet Applications that are web applications that let a user to put choices with the past preferences. The implementation of RIAs can be done for searching out the customized group of relevant topics that is spontaneously generated upon user input. This can be done in a manner so that a website or a web portal does not become overloaded.   So these all Rich Internet Application can give answer to the problems like providing practical information, to have in an glance idea about what the information is provided all about, it  supports the pleasant and enticing explorations, it allows users to locate and have an idea about a specific piece of content as well.  As long as the site is small, “traditional” information architecture can cope with these needs.

But when the site gets large and information-intensive, the traditional structure starts “cracking” as layers upon layers of navigation are added, and disappointment becomes a common user experience. However, straight search provides a very credible and reasonable solution to all these problems as Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), mixes up lightweight information architecture along with advanced search paradigms for a number of communication goals.

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