It is a high time for building owners and office bearers to overcome complacency over their interiors and work spaces and be ready to re-modify their premise from inside to be more planned, healthy, collaborative and integrated. This not only makes there premises preventive against future health hazards at the same time save them from becoming a proliferator of the cause.

Buildings are now required to be more vigilant than routine cleanliness drive in terms of alert, alarm, monitoring and reporting of all possible risks visible and hidden.

What are the check points to assess in your building?

Contact-less is a new normal. Touch has all the potential, evident, from recent experiences to spread contamination and infection by an unimaginable speed. However, touch is not alone to blame in case ingredients to breed and spread the infection already exists within the building premises. The areas a commercial real-estate owner or a CEO of a company to notice at their spaces seek solutions for are:-

Surface-less: Touch is first point of contact with a building surface that a new entrant as well as occupants avoid unless scanned for being none contaminated.

Air Quality: A building administrator should be well aware and in full control of particles including micro organisms in fresh air around him.

Thermal Health: Skin temperatures of new entrant as well as occupants are required to be scanned and immediate reported for any infections.

Moisture: The level of droplets in air, especially in areas like washrooms and office pantry are to be monitored for over saturation.

Dust & Pests: The carrier of possible diseases threat dust particles and pests are to be noticed and wiped out from the places that are rare to see and beyond reach as under the carpet, at parking lots, store rooms, etc.

Water Quality: More than anything else, what you drink matters most to your health. Thus water filters are to be checked for optimum performance.

Noise: The sound levels in the premises must be within limit contributing to performance and productivity enhancement.

Lighting: The light across the office and workspace should be natural and appropriate to keep the mood of employees boosted.

Ventilation: The flow of the air around the building be smooth to make environment inside refreshing and healthier

Occupancy: The number of occupants at workspace as well as other spots in the office as much limited as possible. There must be a cap on the number of people at place during a period of time.

EcoStruxure! An IOT powered system to keep your building tuned with times

Whether, it is an entrance to a building, occupancy status at different spots in a building, the role of senors enabled IOT system is pivotal in controlling and administering the buildings of future. EcoStruxture is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, plug-and-play, open, inter-operable architecture and platform that offers a transparent data- driven building management system creating a compelling frinctionless experience for employees and guest.

What EcoStruxure can do to keep your building future ready and smart!

EcoStruxure Building system securely connects hardware, software and services over an Ethernet IP backbone collaborative not only to maximizes your building efficiency but also keep it healthy and spacious with limited occupancy and maximum utility.

Workplace Distancing and Contact Tracing
Space Monitoring
Ambient Monitoring
Lift Monitoring
Incident Management
Indoor Navigation
Usage Based Cleaning
Parking Lot Monitoring

Parameters assuring maximum performance efficiency by EcoStruxture

Open and innovative monitoring system
Modern IP based controls
Data and AI driven alerts and alarms
Highest level of cybersecurity standards for protection against any data breach

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