Tablet-Based Magazines
Many magazine publisher after being a bit depressed from initial sales figures have decided to provide their own personal digital storefront for many tablet based magazines. As Apple is about to launch a subscription model for tablet and iPad based magazines as reported from the two different sets and sections. According to the reports of The Wall Street Journal, Next Issue Media, which is a joint venture between five media companies have decided to start a joint venture between five media companies and start s service for distributing out digital publications on tablets.
The offerings are expected to involve the versions of newspapers from News Corp, the fifth member of the consortium. The service in start will be Android based, however, will be something as a platform-agnostic. Meanwhile, Adweek has reported that Apple is about to announce a magazine subscription model even for the iPad. The move as resulted at the time when publishers report weak end-of-the-year sales for the iPad editions of their magazines. Vanity Fair, for instance, sold 8,700 digital editions of its November issue, down from 10,500 for its August issue. Wired’s digital edition sales fell from 100,000 in June to 22,500 in October and November. The lack of a subscription option at the App Store (App Store) is being said the exact reason for the collective decline.