An ancient culture, India that has a civilization and culture of thousand years could be better understood from its temple tours.  Indian temples, a place of worship for its majority religious sect Hindu are scattered across from north to south of India. However, a better view of Indian temples can be better assessed and analyzed with South India temple tour on Kerala Backwater tours too.   
South India Temple Tours  
A structure of Hindu temple is mostly developed on the basis of its believes rooted deeper somewhere in Vedic traditions and cultures. A layout of a Hindu temple illustrates the ancient rituals, beliefs and values related to the various schools of Hinduism.    
Meenakshi Temple
On an elaborate  visit of Indian temples on India tour packages, you will find them to be made in different styles, diverse locations in different construction methods and manners in praise of various deities and regional beliefs.
South India Temple Tour  
Architecture for Hindu temple generally has two forms as house and palace. House based architecture of the temple is generally consisted of simple shelter that is a deity’s home where a devotee can go and worship as he is visiting a house or a place. Whereas, the palace themed temples are more elaborate and made of monumental type of structure and architecture.
On India tour packages tour, you will find Hindu temples to be constructed according to set believes being near water bodies surrounded by nature.Most of the south Indian temples that you even watch on India group tours are similar to this. You will also see them at confluence of rivers, river banks, lakes and seashore. They are even constructed inside caves and carved stones, on hill tops offering peaceful views, mountain slopes overlooking beautiful valleys, inside forests and hermitages, next to gardens, or at the head of a town street.
India Temple Tour
There exist an entire art and discipline on making temples known to be as Vastu-Sastras. Thus a temple design follow the rules and principles derived from vastu-purusha-mandala. Mandala means circle, Purusha is universal essence at the core of Hindu tradition and Vastu refers to the dwelling structure.
A Hindu temple mostly has a Shikhara (Vimana or Spire) that rises symmetrically above the central core of the temple and can be found at temple top in many design and forms. In very large temple that you will frequently see during visit in south India on India tour packages is pillared halls known to be as mandapa.  One on the east side of the temples they are made for the waiting room for pilgrims and devotees. In older temples mandapa happens to be a separate structure whereas in newer temples this space has been integrated into temple structure.          

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