Latest technologies in vague in exhibition stands industry in Germany

Have you ever imagined how the world will look without technology? Is it impossible to even think a single day without it? The answer is quite apparent, no, not at all. From bed to boots, from needle to notebook, from microwave to mobile phone and all the other articles that we use to fulfill our daily needs are the gift of technology to us.
Innovation and inventions are occurring daily in the field of technology and development. Thanks to technology that we can see development in every sector whether education, healthcare or business.
While talking about the use of technology in business sector, exhibition stall designing and fabrication industry is hitting in top section of the list. Exhibitors are using latest technologies in their exhibitions to increase footfall and brand image, and to let their customer understand more about their business.
If you are planning to exhibit your exhibition stand in Germany, you need to remember one thing that Germany is the hub of exhibitions where most updated exhibition designing techniques are used. You need to shell extra bucks from your pocket for adopting latest technology for your booth. But if you are thinking to exclude updated technologies from your stand just to save some money then this is not a good idea at all. Technology can help a lot in attracting and engaging more and more visitors on your exhibition stall. 
Exhibition Stand Designer Germany
Here are some points that will aware you about the ongoing techno-trend in the field of exhibition designing.
•    Interactive Apps: Interactive apps and screens are the most effective way to engage customers on stall. Interactive business app allow your visitors to learn about your products and services in a fun and exciting way. Interactive screens can display vital information using eye-catching graphics, images or video.  Interactive walls, floors or screens allows the visitors to connect with your brand in digital ways.
By creating your own interactive app customers can interact with your brand content at their own peace and can learn more about your brand even after the exhibition.
•    Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is a hi-tech invention of science that allows the overlay of computer-generated graphics on the real world. The technology includes scanning the real-world environment and enhancing it by adding virtual experience. Augmented reality is a proven effective marketing tool that merges the real and the virtual world by engaging the users across the physical and digital space.
This technology has become one of the best technique to increase the footfalls on exhibition stands. Visitors can scan company’s logo and can see your company’s show reel on their tables or smartphones.
•    QR Codes: Another best way to keep the visitors connected within your exhibition stand in Germany is QR code or Quick Response scanning facility that is available in all smartphones and tables through which users can scan your QR code. It provides fastest link to your websites, online material or smartphone app. These codes are immediately saved on the mobile device’s memory which allows the user to easily return to your information after the event.
•    3D Printing: Everyone likes freebies! But giving your company’s pen is a very old idea to attract customers. It’s necessary to try something new and give the best takeaway to your visitors so that they can remember your brand for a long time. 3D printing is the best option to hold your customers. This relatively low cost piece of tech plays on the satisfaction people get from watching a process and seeing the end result — in this case a tangible object they can take home and keep. 
In today’s developing world we cannot exclude technology from our day to day life. Using these technologies while showcasing your exhibition booth in Germany can be highly beneficial for achieving success in the exhibition.
So, it’s time to become the showstopper by trying these interesting hi-tech techniques in your next exhibition in Germany.
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