Ah! it is really tuff to where to start from as I am being wintnessing the most horrid days of the year of Asian subcontinent that inlcudes, leave the countries, I am here in India in Delhi waiting for days pass by and get all the news about scorching heat by reading newspapers and Television. Yesterday was sunday and I kept myself within the premises of my room only dared to move out in evening when the temperature receded and sun reached down beyond the horizon showing diffusing sunset. I am waiting these days to pass by anyway. But I can see, this heat has some merrier too, everytime when I go to buy a bottle of coke, icecream, or some cool soothing stuff, a smile emerges on the face of vendor and vice from my heart while handing over my hard earned money for the expense of summer, Oh Sun! Thy Pass as soon as possible and rain come as soon as possible.

Well, all in north waiting for monsoon…………………

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