It was a white piece of paper once….

It was wood. It was stone. It was Earth.

It was a season. It was time. It was a sound.

It was a thought. It was the shadow of a thought.

It was a carapace. It was a shell….

It was the remains of an impulse.

It was the leftovers of a thought…

..Not realizing that thought creates reality.

It was the exercise book of a psyche form…

…learning the structure of being.

It was grammar of nothingness.

It was the silence within the void.

It was the abyss between the ideas of solidity.

It was the edge between all that is and NOT.

It was the confrontation between…

It was the unrelenting struggle between the void

& it’s becoming

It was a drop adding ocean to an ocean.

It was a brain wiped clean by shock volts.

It was the color of water.

It was a white piece of paper.

( CONTRIBUTED BY: Rashmi Aggarwal )

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