During the initial years of search engine optimization the entire activities of traffic and rankings was somehow restricted around search engines and there an important valid role in brining about rankings was played by the content or the web content being displayed over a website with perspective of PR exercise or any other reasons as owing to the importance of your website. At that older days of search engine optimization there were a requirement of link building as to help a website to get top positions on a search engines.

However the entire scene of search engine optimization suddenly changed after the introduction of WEB 2.0 that proliferate the common concepts like wikis and social media sites. Where the entire content seemed summed up on wikis and one such burning example of importance of Web 2.0 is Wikipedia that some how even subdued Encyclopedia Britannica. But the more causal and important role was played some leading social media sites that weaved a unique concept of Social media, cloud programming and API.  Now we have unique websites that are virtually ruling the entire web. And no one need to tell about the name of these social media site based and cornered around different concepts.

The promising and prominent ones are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin and others. While we discuss about these Social Media Sites then Facebook is now the market leader with about 400 million users. This huge populace of users is used for databases, advertising and other utilities. Same phenomenon too is used and employed for many other things and data sharing in Myspace too. The other social media site which has concept to other alteration is Twitter, that too has million followers that the site reached about in a very short span of time and is based around message in 256 characters. Where there are also website with career and professional related activities like Linkedin and others. And there is no need to tell about blogs and discussion forums that have contributed to the entire traffic of websites and search engines algorithm.  Hence, it is clear that social media sites have to pay a greater role in online traffic and search engine rankings.