No doubt in the present era of online publishing it is the content writing that plays a very important role in getting a product and services get promoted. Online contentwriting whether is used to promote online business or providing information on a very relevant issue and topic of social awareness has great relevance in online media.The other important aspect of online media that is more or less co-related to search engines known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) invariably also has great role to play as more and more people coming to search engines for searching services and products they require.

Hence content writing mixed up with principle of SEO can bring up great results in online and internet marketing. As for bringing SEO effect in your content writing you can start up things from the Titles as they are the most important place on your webpage where keywords appear. So include well researched keywords into the title tag of the webpage. After title the title the opening paragraph or introductory lines should have themed keywords into it. Subheadings are the next important segment of the page that requires proper placement of the keywords to bring proper copy writing impact. Finally, the conclusive content of the page should also themed keyword into it.

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