While writing content for an article or piece of copy writing, it is the heading that plays an overall impact on the written content. Heading is attention grabber for a customer. A good heading is a beginning as well end to a copy. It is used in many marketing campaigns and is defined to according the target audience.
A copy or content writer can seek many approaches for writing a heading. Writing a heading is not as easy and simple generally assumed by the writers. There are many methods to writing heading feasible and appealing to copy. A heading should be written as:
• Solving a Problem: “Get answer to all your buying needs.”
• Using a statistics: “Have 30 times more buying comfort than the previous bargain.”
• Stating a Quotation: You can support a heading from a comment said by a prominent personality or a customer supported by picture.
• Ask a Question: How to develop best copy writing skills?
• State the Biggest Benefit from the Product: We solve this problem like this…..
There are also some other important words too that you can include in your headlines like (Free Your Money, Guarantee, Love, Results, Proven Safety, Bargain, Easy, New, Improved, Discover, Now, Immediate, Finally, Instant, Secret, Truth)
After heading never ignore subheadings too. They also play an important role in content development. Subheading, keeps interest of the written content alive and easy to follow. In a long copy, subheading plays a very integral part to overall development of the content.
For writing heading it should be around four to eight words. Use the keyword from the text below the heading. Reveal clearly and precisely the heading that you are offering. If you’re heading contain clarity, is informative, is objective and concise than it is opt heading to be used with your content writing or web content writing or copy writing piece.
A heading should be written in context of content on the page. The best way to write heading, is to develop it in the last, after writing complete content. If you’re writing from scratch, write the headings last. If you’re re-framing or cutting, check the headings again once the content is done.
Questions also make good quality headings as they are eye catchy and can develop instant curiosity.  For the structure of heading they must be hierarchical. The primary caption must envelop the main subject area further breaking into sub-headings down into narrow topic areas. Sub heading help readers to scan/navigate the page.