Content distribution depends upon the various shape forms and sizes of the content and it is all depend upon how you will go to share yours that content provided in varies forms and shapes.
 For example an eBook can be broke into ten blog posts or ten blog post can be fused into an eBook. Or your 100 blog posts can result into a hard bound print book. Same procedure can be applied to white papers, presentations or any other from of content. This absolutely is no secret. The entire content can be distributed by the process of Content curation, companies can produce content easier, more often and include the widest array of perspectives.  With content curation, companies can easily produce content, by sharing relevant content that they may not have written themselves.  With content curation, companies can publish content not only every day but in many cases several times a day or even every hour. And with content curation, companies incorporate perspectives that reach far beyond even their own brand by including perspectives from across the industry.
And curated content can be repurposed as well.  At HiveFire, we have often seen our customer leverage third party perspectives as fodder for their next blog post.  Eventually these perspectives make their way up the pyramid and influence all aspects of the content marketing strategy.