How to select a Web CMS for your Intranet?

As a manager of an intranet there are many issues that are needed to be addressed by a person who is in charge of the intranet. An intranet manager needs to ponder over different issues in order to meet out the various requirements in the organization.  There is a very engaging issue for intranet managers as to use Web CMS selected for the corporate website as the Web CMS for the intranet.

The first essential issue while selecting a CMS is the developmental and technical support as attached to CMS. The justification that it makes life easier for IT to have a single platform does not wash. CMS products should not need intensive IT support for infrastructure, and even at a developer level I’d be concerned if the decision to have one rather than two CMS products because of the high cost of development is putting the cart before the horse.

Websites are generally run by a group of small group of technical guys who while spending their time with CMS develop all sorts of quick fixes as for admin problems faced by a CMS. In the case of an intranet, there is a tight schedule against and will use CMS from time to time.   

Next imperative issue to CMS development is Application Integration as intranet not only expected to be adding various form of content change sections of the intranet as for the ease of use for contributors, but also should be capable to be seen easily by employees.   Thus it needs very good integration between the CMS and Active Directory. It has been witnessed that many CMS products struggle as to mix up with AD management of end-user permission. Another important aspect of AD integration is the necessary support for need to support a staff directory application. Staff directories are probably the most heavily used application on an intranet, and any problems with AD management will have a major impact on the quality of the directory. Apart from above discussed other necessary steps to CMS selection to be kept in mind are document Management, Language Support, MS Office Support.

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