One of the best ways to try and sell your book is to have a book signing. It can be an intimidating experience if you have never done it before, but it is a great way to meet current and potential readers. Following are a few tips to help you prepare for a book signing.
Meet the Author
Even the most well known and successful authors have book signings when they have a new release. The primary reason for doing so is to give their fans a chance to meet the author–which will hopefully sell more books. It is a special treat for readers to have a chance to talk to their favorite author on a one-on-one basis. This makes a book signing a very special event, so you should make every effort to be prepared for yours. Even though you may not be a household name–yet–it is important to organize your book signing to give visitors an experience they’ll remember. It is also a very good way to sell some books.
Book a Venue
Once you’ve determined that you want to do a book signing, you’ll have to make arrangements at a venue that is willing to host you. Libraries and books stores are obvious places. Choose a place and contact them. Explain your intentions, and find out when a good time would be to have your book signing. When a time and place is confirmed, it’s time to take the next step.
Advertise the Signing
You will have to advertise your book signing–otherwise no one will know you’re there. The venue will more than likely take steps to promote the event, but you should publicize it yourself. Write a press release and send it to local newspapers. Be sure that you include all the pertinent information so people will know exactly where to go and when. Try and make the press release interesting, without being wordy. You want to pique people’s curiosity in such a way that they’ll want to see what the hubbub is about. It may also be a good idea to put up flyers on local bulletin boards or take out an ad in a newspaper.
Be Prepared
As the day of your book signing approaches, you should contact the venue and confirm the event. Arrive early on the confirmed date so you can find out where they want you to sit. The people at the venue will more than likely have a table set up for you, along with a comfortable chair. They may even provide pens for you to sign your book for visitors. If you have a favorite pen, you should bring that along with you. Hopefully you’ll be signing quite a few books, so you’ll want your writing instrument to be comfortable or your hands may begin to cramp. Don’t forget to bring an extra pen, just in case your favorite runs out of ink.
Present Yourself Professionally
If this is your first book, it will be a good opportunity for people to get to know you. Without being pretentious, you should make yourself as presentable as possible. You don’t want people thinking you’re a slob. Dress comfortably, but well. Eat a good meal before you leave home so you won’t feel like snacking while people are trying to talk to you. When people approach you, greet them warmly. Depending on how busy you are, you may have time to talk to each person at length. They may ask you questions about the book, or about yourself. Answer them in a friendly manner. If you do have a lineup waiting to talk to you, you may have to spend less time with each person, but don’t be brusque. Remember, these are your fans. They’ll be sure to remember how you treated them. If they enjoyed talking to you, you can be assured they’ll share their experience with other people–it could go a long way in getting them to buy your book.
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