A major metropolitan area in world and financial capital of India, Mumbai has been the center of business activities from the last century. Merely not being a financial center of India but also being a major sea port carrying out around 40 percent of export from India has led to the status of Mumbai as a place of major business activities as well as organizing and handling expos every year.
Along with glitter of money and Bollywood, it is the metro being known for organizing most number of trade expos and exhibitions in India. Palm Expo, Acetech, Acrex, Secutech, Annapoorna and others are some major exhibitions held in Mumbai.
Exhibition Stall Designer Mumbai
However, without a capable exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai, it is impossible to carry out lead generation activities for B to B segment for any business. In order to choose a capable exhibition booth designer in Mumbai there are many other factors that are required to be keep in the mind.
You are required to choose a stall fabricator in Mumbai on different parameters including being trendy and brand savvy stalls. An exhibiter, first of all check whether their designer is capable of creating exhibition stalls good in appearance as well as are according to the brand guidelines and appearances. A stall designer of reputation in Mumbai should have following characteristics including:-
•    The stall designer should have a most modern and state-of-the art fabrication unit so the fabrication task could be carried out in an effective manner smoothly and in conducive manner.
•    You must check out whether the exhibition stall designer has cross industry experience or not. If, it has a cross industry experience and extensive client list, then, there are chances that the designer would be able to deliver the exhibition stall fast and promptly. 
•    A conducive and practical approach to exhibition stall designing in Mumbai. The preference of exhibition stall designing further on depends upon the strategic planning to a meticulous execution; and further exhibition stall fabrication. And your exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai must depend upon it as well.
•    However, your choice of exhibition stall designer Mumbai merely should not limited only to serving at a single location but should have a wider base of exhibition stall fabricators at different locations and parts.
In the end the recap of exhibition stall designing services in Mumbai should include most advanced fabrication, trendy and beautiful stalls, extensive vendor base, hassel free services, concept based services, concept, design, fabrication and  designing.