Very few content writers actually know difference between features and benefits that they could include in the process of content or copy writing. But before proceeding towards content or copy writing creativity phase an advertiser and copy writer essentially think about customer’s point of view while writing a copy.
It is well known concept that features don’t sell any product it is the benefits that do all task for deriving sales lead. A customer doesn’t care about the mechanical features of a product or services rather he seems to be more careful about the personal benefit a product can derive to him. How a product can improve their personal life.
The other smart way to derive benefits out of features is that how they answer to problem as stated for any particular service by a customer
So in order to define the line between features and benefits you can follow the approach as mentioned: List all the features of product or service; ponder over the need of your customers, think about a particular feature how would it going to solve any problem of your customer. If that particular feature solves any of your problems you can move forward to select it as the benefit as to mention in your advertising or content writing copy. This way you can proceed for writing a benefit for your content writing piece.
For Example: Copy Writing Heading: This gives a summary of whole article in an instance.
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