How social media is responsible for growing fitness culture in Metros?

So, the Delhi is coming in terms with health consciousness wave its counterparts located at the different parts of the world.  Now, at the weekend you see a good number of crowd taking their morning jogging seriously while running from the India gate to the central ridge. Cycling on the Mehrauli- Gurugram road and Yamuna expressway is quite a straight and simple way. Fitness centers in posh areas like gyms in Paschim Vihar are now frequently pursued by the health seekers for keeping their body toned up and in shape and burn the excess calories collected by them.    
Gym in Paschim Vihar
But in proliferating this culture of fitness and gym, the role of social media has become of optimum usage and importance. Not at the Facebook, groups more than 200 hundred in numbers are filled with ample information about the developing fitness culture in Delhi including raging from Gurugram to Faridabad to Greater Noida.  
These groups there remain abuzzed of activities and talks about fitness activities like the best gear, directions, cyclist to swap and sell equipment and other fitness related talks and activities.  On these groups, masses from the most active personas around the health can be traced out and the role there being played to be on the social media status could be worked out to be in in a quick and rapid way and method.  
To keep a persona quite active and motivated for their fitness regime, there are a good number of fitness apps that GPS enabled that at the same time to help and assess the competition and analysis existing in the market. On these social media groups, the fitness freaks used to advice, motivate, support floods from all across wherever there is a snag. Thought the sport activities are occurring globally, yet fitness talks are exceptional on the fitness groups on social media and carrying activities a level next at places like gyms in Paschim Vihar and other best locations in Delhi.           
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