How fun in daily life can reduce many health issues and improve quality of life?

Fun in routine life is medicine to most of the health problems related to heart and stress. Fun can bridge the gap between the professional life and personal life. It caters with same equality to essential and demanding career as well as responsibilities of the family life. Fun and laughter plays very positive role in one’s life with respect to heeling prolonged diseases and ailments. It improves immune system, enhance energy levels, reduce pain and most importantly cure from deadly impact of stress. One can start becoming part of fun therapy by waking up a few minutes earlier than his usual time and should spare some of his precious time in favorite activities most enjoyed by him. He can go along with his partner on a slight walk or can visit the nearest book store to select a book or two that are not related to by any mean to personality development or career prospects. Sometimes cooking in kitchen or watching the favorite daily soap only helps to reduce your stress. More one should be indulge in activities that he could plan with entire family.

Another part of fun is to be humorous and keep laughing. Laughter bonds people with each other and helps in developing happiness and intimacy. It also prompts healthy changes in body. It is a very strong medicine for stress, pain and conflict. A good laughter brings back mind, body and soul in balance. Fun releases one from burdens and inspires hope and helps one in remaining grounded, focused and alert. Scientifically, it releases, endorphin, which is the chemical in the human body that helps him to feel light and be relived. Fun also has many social benefits as in society; it develops team spirit, helps in defusing conflict and also enhances group bonding. Thus fun is unique medicine that comes absolutely for free.