A unanimous sense of confidence is expressed by the HR professionals throughout India, in favor of hiring and employment landscape, post recession.  There is common feeling that jobs are available in the market similar to pre-recession period, however, there are certain trends that are imperative to look into within the job and hiring trends, post and pre recession period.    In the pre-recession period, despite a gloom, that prevailed global job markets, especially, in the developed economies, however, India market was robust though certain level of anxiety too was visible on account of being part of free trade economy. Multinationals as well as India firms were recruiting.  But the recession led to the delay in hiring, revamping of departments to stay in competition and there were a few forced mergers as well.              
The subdued mood of market, nevertheless, of optimism in India market allowed the HR professionals and line mangers to choose from to pool of good talent in recessionary time.  Feeling of uncertainty made an impact on remuneration packagers where smaller business and government affiliated were able to tap talent from other industries by offering better growth opportunity and security.  What existed in the job market, were the training programs within the organization and opportunities for employees to tune up their skills.  There, a somber exercise was taking place across industries by hiring the best talent for the top position instead of short-term cost cutting measures.    
The hiring trend in post recession India is most focused on better analysis of manpower requirement in critical positions in organizations and upswing in internal promotions and training to avoid the excessive hiring. Another noticeable change in post recession is the adaption to altered Performance Measures according to changing business and HR needs. Salary hikes and appraisals are reflection of an individual not the role. It is the performance at work place that has center-stage. Incentive schemes, as well are more aggressive, as employees are motivated to go far beyond their performance targets.   
More companies are now concentrating upon having a robust online and web presence. Companies are approaching to interactive website and posting advertisements in Job forums and Job boards to register an online brand presence.  Social networking sites are now in vogue for hiring, sales, promotions and marketing. As economy rolls in a cyclic manner with its own version of ups and downs the post-recession hiring landscape is making best use of lessons learnt during the recessionary phase.
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