As it is clear for all publishers preview that Google loves the original content and always lends out its helping hand for all publishers who works with originality in their work on the net. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for a news publisher to gauge the real source of the news from it is being originated. And the process to become cumber some in cases where after a breaking news at a source, the hundred of websites starts reporting it, regularly, without naming anyone’s name for the original source. Thus Google has come up with its version of solution to this problem. So the Google News experimentally has introduced two new tags- syndication-source and original-source- as to help the publishers to locate the source of the original news.

While using a duplicate content, one uses texts that are very similar, if not an exact match with respect to wording, structure, etc. An idea about a news piece is written in author new words and the both pieces are not common in structure and pattern and they are not duplicate content at all. One only gets the facts from a news piece and here is Google has made an intervention. As you are first to break a story, then you receive entire credit for this. Applying these tags is very simpler as you need to include them as a metatags in the of your news story and the crawler picks them up. For rather elaborate information you can seek further information from the Google Help Center.

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