Google Expanded Its Adsense Program for Domains, Internationally

It has been in news, since December 2008, that Google after expanding its Adsense program for publishers in Unites States is now approaching publishers abroad beyond the borders of the United States. There any official confirmation is yet to come from Google.

This time experts have lesser doubt about adsense expansion program of Google in comparison top last time. Last time google expanded the program for US publishers and had to face criticism from online experts of fear that it could destroy internet with an influx of wasted web pages hardly of any help to advertisers and researchers. Goggle was charged being blind for making quick buck on cost of quality content. However, nothing much of that nature not occurred and google got a safe passage to carry out its ad sense program.

Witnessing the response to the ad sense program in USA experts, however, are optimistic that this program would be a success in International arena too.

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