Finally, it seems that Google PR Update has occurred definitely

Despite the recurring assurances from Matt Cutts about indefinite postponement of PR update till next 2014, it seems inevitable has finally occurred. The quite awaited PR update has finally occurred on 6th of December 2013.  However, it has appeared as shocker even for webmasters, who were not expecting it in year 2013, at least.
The previous PR update had occurred around 10 months ago on February 4th 2013 and was commented by Matt Cutts, Google Head of search spam  to be carrying out not before 2013.  As a matter of joy for webmasters PR update is an important indication of development for sites and blogs.  Google Page Ranks is an indication of a wep page rank on the authoritative backlinks. A high Google pagerank lets a website to improve ranking of the website.

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