The consensus about allowing the consumers to have better knowledge about tracking of their web behavior is not unanimously met out and is not coming into force in Europe from the month of May as it was planned and proposed earlier on. As to the latest update, not a single European government has streamlined any rules, regulation or guidelines about it. They are still not sure about the ePrivacy directives to be enforced in European zone. The proposed rule says that, it is imperative for a website to have prior information from a user before using or employing any tracking technologies on his computer. According to the privacy campaigners the planned and proposed plans even are not fit for use.  It is well known and established fact that Behavioral advertising is a growing industry for advertisers and, potentially, a very lucrative one. However, it relies upon the tracking of online behavior through cookies that are small text files that are left on a computer by a website. According to The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) the new law is potentially detrimental to consumers, business and the UK digital economy.

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