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The next million dollar question for the digital marketing agencies in Delhi is how to roll out their digital marketing strategies in year 2020. They can tweak around from many a good number of options already with them like influencer marketing, content marketing and most importantly web video get the client integrated with their brand proposition and activities. Let get into the details of the different strategies that search engine optimization and digital marketing companies in Delhi can adopt in order to reach at the next level of branding and optimization.

  • Influencer marketing is the first step towards that will witness a massive change in year 2020. As trend is sifting gear towards people with much smaller but authentic social media reach. This has advantage of reaching to intended target audience with more authentic response. The impact of influencer marketing has become more personalized where consumer faith more over consumer recommendations over corporate advertising. The expenditure on influencer marketing will reach around $10 billion by next year.
Digital Marketing Agency Delhi
Influencer Marketing
  • Streaming video ad engagement is consistently on the rise and will remain one of the leading factors of digital marketing company’s agencies in Delhi and across India.  According to a recent survey the online video viewership of the youths has been increased to an expected level. OTT content is also on the rise at the rapid pace. It is time to take video ads more seriously.
  • Emerging tech is on the constant rise. It is merely not the 5G technology on mobile devices by integration of futuristic solutions in AI, voice and connected TVs is the trend that digital marketing agencies in Delhi should focus upon and around.  The AI integration in videos will lead to the greater and vast personalization. Voice search for smart speakers will continue to expand as homes continue adopting Alexa, Siri and Google Home, and while developers continue to make improvements to accuracy.   Advancements in connected TVs and OTT (over the top media) will let users to interact with ads from their TV and mobile devices leading to much better product placement within streaming video.
  • Next important development in the field of digital marketing trends is micro moments. It is a moment, when, a person turns to a device in order to take some advice. As people turns, deliberately and instantly to take a rapid decision about buying, eating and other personal activities. This micro moment can be used in order to showcase a specific ad at a particular place and a spot. The micro moment specifically means that a marketer is required to pay a proper attention towards the funnel where consumers buy something. At present a consumer’s buying journey is more of a whirling funnel where a consumer seeing, learning and buying about a product, instantly.         
Digital Marketing Micro Moments
  • Next important feature that has potential to weave a saga for digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR is a content experience that is a mash up both of content as well as context.  It is get achieved through by mixing up content with other elements like design, placement, environment and other factors.  It is all about magnify the consumer experience of digital marketing to the next level of engagement.  

Thus, in the holistic approach of digital marketing trend of 2020 customer experience and engagement would be going to be at the prominent place.

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