Under this step of instructional design phases of design phase gets further elaborated under this step. It thus from the information as gathered in Analyze and Design phase reconstruct an entire complete learning platform. It is the end result of instructional courseware. It contains the following prepared properties like media and its content, software, lesson outlines, and video, which includes the instructional content and activities that helps a learner to go for a quest for a better performance.

However under some Instructional Design modules the entire development gets embedded with the design phase. And this as a matter of fact is a real instructional design process for the smaller organizations. In big organizations, instructional designers therefore make a learning blueprint even for other persons and activities in company of professionals like artists, technical writers, programmers, etc, to create various activities being mentioned in the Development Phases. The steps of development phase can be further elaborated as listing learning activities, selecting delivery system, making review an existing system, developing instruction and then synthesizing and validating instructions.

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