So you as a content writer is over with task of writing and doing all the necessary stuff from the point of copy and content writing considerations, yet you have to receive best from the perspective of sales as your website is not getting best from the copy writing you have done as you must essentially losing out the race due to its designing aspect.

So apart from the skills of content writer and copy writing the other area that requires ultimate discretion from you is the design of your website. Apart from the words it is the design of your website which should also evoke emotions within visitors. Those evoked perception within a visitor either let him stay at website or move away from it.

So what a design of a website should look like?  There are thousand of sites which look similar, as they are compacted together or woven together. A mature web visitor can distinguish between overused template and a professional website. You can have or would come across websites that are with loud, sassy colors and flashing animations, with the content writing staff just impossible to read, distorted, shoddy-looking clip art.

So where a good website lies in design is the customer confidence displayed in it. And confidence here comes from the sales generated from the website.

So apart from a good content writing a good designed site should portray an image of professionalism and sophistication, feeling of confidence and trust, eye-pleasing colors and one kind of graphics. Content appealing to target audience, search engine and cross-browser compatibility. So a website with good content writing as well as designs would always keep your visitors and clients smiling



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