Contrary to earlier believes writing with a rapid expansion of Internet in a form of content writing can develop into a very profitable business activity and can even go to an extent of becoming an enterprise. By marketing content written by you cab develop handsome source of income.

There are many methods to market your content, writing an e-book and further distribution of it as a sales product can fetch you handsome amount of money. For an e book of 10 pages you can easily earn up to 10$. The other smarter way to get your content to be saleable is Google Adsense, in it you get money in form of commission as on clicks from the ads published between your content. As better is your content as much money you can make online.

Keep on prompting your content in different forms like video, audio, power point, e-course, home study course, peeches, books, teleseminars, web seminars and transcripts as you will able to get handsome return for the content advertising it again and  again.And how you will do all this you can simply start from writing simple articles on topic of you choice and in end can weave all of them into an easy e-book.
So take action right on now.