Content Management To Accomplish Task Of Digital Content Cycle

Content Management is set of certain activities that are collaborated together to bring about an exciting result for content handling. Content Management includes a number of sub processes like Content Creation, Content Localization, Content Publishing, Database administration. And the most important for all the writing activities is Reader who is the final beneficiary of content writing activities.

In content writing, the development and editorial aspects of content writing are accomplished. Content Localization includes step for improving quality of the content, determining style of delivery, and translating it into native language users.

In content publishing it is made fit and delivered to the final user of the content, a reader. And a database administrator make content fit to be read by within priority groups who can have access to a number of files and folders. Thus a content management system accomplishes task of a digital content life cycle that involves six phases- create, publish,update, translate, archive and retrieve.
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