It is well debated, what is better to write for an Internet media or for a publishing house? There is many aspect of this question whether what media you should choose to develop your writing career as both the careers has their own intricacies and facets. As writing for a publishing house there are ample chances that your hard work may not be getting approval and remuneration you may even get it after a long period, in form of royalties check after getting good sales of written work.
However, on Internet there are ample chances as here writing is not merely a matter of sales but is the base of all the internet activities as ‘Content is King’ on the net. It is traffic driver for all the internet activities Content writing provides you instant cash, it is a form of writing that you providing to a client on certain payment. Once you have delivered that article to a client it becomes his or her sole property and you lose all the right and control over it. A publishing house is quite better in this context as you have number of rights on your written work.
Thus, it would be right decision to continue content writing on net as long as you do not receives an acceptance letter from a publisher crediting your written work.
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