Asset management leading to optimum production performance with zero down time


Scalability for a business is just not limited only to improved order-to-cash cycle within an enterprise, instead, every purchase order generated at sales and marketing be appropriately complimented by production team working on production machines and assets. A slight hindrance during production cycle due to a minor tear issue causing a shift break can lead to a long list of pending orders delaying production process further on.
Employing an effective asset management process within an enterprise helps to avoid this scenario. However, the achievement of faster and effective assets management goes across set of problems like huge assembly lines and loads of machines involved in production process in industries like automobile and others.

A faster and efficient asset management system requires least manual inspection of assets for maintenance, with added features of real-time reporting supported by process critical data when scheduled to next shift on production cycle.

Wipro’s Intelligent Asset Management Solution

The asset management solution offered by Wipro, backed by SAP S/ 4HANA provides answers to all asset performance worries related to seamless production for a modern enterprise. A SAP partner Wipro can swiftly integrating SAP S/ 4HANA into the assets of an organization that is keenly looking for uninterpreted and robust production cycles around the corner to oblige purchase orders received from trading partners.

For heavy machine tools and long assembly lines with hosts of components for sensor based vigilance of them for any damage, SAP S/4HANA is an on-premise, public/ private cloud or hybrid deployed next generation ERP system for faster assessment and problem resolution application. The ERP system is consists of built-in intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

The SAP S / 4HANA speeds up a business process on account of its unmatched automation capability received from in-memory database for real-time processing speeds and simplified data model.

Unique Inherent Application Features of SAP S/ 4HANA

  • Reduces data footprint by 50% by in-memory columar database
  • Faster reporting time backed by agile decision making
  • Embedded AI technology for better data insight and improved performance
  • Real-time advanced analytics for forecasting and faster decisions
  • Competitive edge and better workflows

What maintenance tasks an overall asset management covers?

A typical asset management activities within an enterprise include maintenance of business fixed assets and keep them always ready to operate. Manufacturing components, vehicle, plants, etc., all comes under asset in a working business enterprise. An Intelligent Asset Management Solution offered by Wipro transforms all manual task under equipment calibration, status management and preventive maintenance to a system on computer from hand held ledger.

Using sensor, now a business can monitor assets in real time for proactively managing and resolving any bottle neck in advance. SAP S/ 4HANA on account of its in- memory data make Enterprise Asset Management more simplified, robust and faster. With an automated senor based asset management system, the following operational tasks are being done in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Planned Asset Operations: It helps amaintenance team to prioritize tasks according to timeline across across maintenance activities and spare parts inventory. It improves maintenance efficiency by real-time time reporting on costs, breakdown rates, and damages.
  • Faster Maintenance Execution: The system enables a foreman to carry out all, planned and unplanned maintenance tasks in an efficient and faster manner. It empowers a technician to improve performance of operations by provocatively detecting, reporting and resolving machine malfunctions.
  • Incidents capture and intervention: Aligned to different compliant norms the system carry outinvestigations to incidents in order to reduce injury, illness and incident rates, drastically. It helps to eliminate future costs on penalties, fines, and unplanned downtime related to environment, health, and safety (EHS)
  • Health and Environment Protection: The system is just not limited only operational efficiency at the same time, it takes cares of working conditions of all employees in maintenance department under stricter environmental protection norms.

Business benefits offered by an asset management system in addition to operational efficiency

  • Reduce 10% to 30% in revenue losses due to lower machine downtime
  • 10% to 20% reduction in overhead costs as this provides a virtual connect between product engineer and line manager
  • 10% increase in up-time and productivity due to real-time monitoring of machine

and failure prediction leading to reduced down-times

  • 20% increase in asset life


Hence, an intelligent asset management system is not only a comprehensive business solution for production and operational efficiency, it also offers an amiable solution to employee safety and overall environment protection.

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