There could be many interpretation and meanings of the organic gardening. It has nothing to do with the common confusion about it as putting up insects to eat grown plants or laying an ugly bed of manure. The organic method of farming means from not using synthetic products in cultivation and instead is adhering to simpler methods like feeding the damaged soil with composted plants or planting legumes to enrich the area of the soil that has been intoxicated by the heavy use of pesticides. On a broader scale it is like working with Mother Nature and treating your garden as a small part of entire natural system. Organic matter used in farming is decomposing plant and animal waste comprising everything from compost, grass clipping, dried leaves and kitchen scraps. This way the organic cultivation follows the golden lines, “you feed the soil and soil will feed the plant”.

•    Pest control with organic gardening: Contrary to common belief that organic gardening is infesting crop with worms instead it is noble mean to work in league with Mother Nature and protecting your farm from harmful pests and weeds. So you can take care of the garden by regularly inspecting it for any signs of pest and if found then do not be in hurry to use pesticides on it. And be ensured about the harm that can be done to your crop as well learn that every crop is not harmful. After identifying your problem you can make use of organic pesticide from many available varieties in the market. Organic and natural pesticides have resulted very effective in pest control as they are less toxic to wildlife, pets and humans in comparison to synthetic pesticides. Certain organic problems are known for catering specific issues like Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), a variety of bacteria, that even kills caterpillars, but not much else. This organic farming ensures a good and health produce   

•    Advantages of organic gardening: If we start counting on the benefits of organic gardening then the list is countless. As organic foods are grown by natural means and whatever nutrients they keep, they get them naturally from soil instead of sprayed or infested with synthesized chemical substances. The organic method of cultivation first of all promises overall good health.   As big corporate farming for increased yield uses more pesticides than the prescribed limits thus there always remains the possibility of food being poisoned. However in organic farming this possibility never exists. More the process of excessive pasteurization even takes away the nutritional value from dairy products like milk, cheeses and others. More organic foods remain fresh for longer period and are very cost efficient to grow. This method of gardening is good not only good for the plants and its consumer but also even take good care of gardener and farmer who works on field as it keep them away from any chemical contamination.

•    How organic gardening is good for health?Organic Gardening brings an end to your search for better health in the troubled time of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It benefits both your soul and body. Either by indulging in gardening by organic manner or consuming the vegetables and cereals produced by the means of conventional gardening method you feel tremendous improvement in health. It has gained immense popularity in recent times as an alternative method of cultivation and agriculture due to environmental benefits that it provides. Even gardeners do not wish to use chemicals into the soil and water and this way they want to protect them from contamination. It helps gardeners as well as society by many means. In this mode of gardening you can keep yourself protected from the open exposure to pesticides that are root cause of many serious and incurable diseases. Next matters the quality of the food as produced organically, it is healthier than the food produced by conventional methods. 

•    Organic food has no health hazards: No doubt food grown by the method of organic gardening tends to be more nutritious and tasty but it also protects the human body from the ill-effects and contamination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Several researches has confirmed the fact that women often eating the vegetables and cereals produced using home and garden pesticides have greater chances to be affected by breast cancer. In studies, pesticides have been shown having an influence over on the brain and central nervous system. Anxiety, problem in concentrating, memory loss, and personality disorders are some of the symptoms that occur in human brain due to influence of a pesticides. Children living in places and yards sprayed with pesticides tend to be more prone to the certain types of cancer. There for the betterment of our health as well as our posterity, it is high time that we should focus more and more producing food by means of organic cultivation.
•    Organic Gardening is good for plants too: It is not only humans but also plants too get infected with the contamination and toxic element of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This process directly relate to human health as well. So for the well being of humans, plants and soil organic gardeners in organic gardening employs natural methods to protect their crop and gardens from the pests and insecticides. They use innovative methods like spraying plants with water to remove insects and keep good care healthy soil as healthy soil itself equates to healthy food and next to fruits and vegetables. And the healthy plants even on their account remains naturally protected from pests and diseases. This way gardener helps grown food to have more antioxidants than the food grown by the method of artificial method of cultivation proliferated with chemicals and deadly pesticides. However, under the natural stress plants produce chemical compounds as flavonoids that are type of antioxidant. Under the use of chemicals plant produce less flavonoids thus make them more prone to human health.          

•    Organic gardening increases antioxidants in plants: Organic gardening has another advantage other than healthy food as it helps a plant to grow more antioxidants in comparison to cultivation as done under intensive spray   of chemical pesticides. Under natural stress like insects, diseases and weather conditions plant produce resistance power to fight through the medium of special compound known as flavonoids and most of them happen to be antioxidants. Under the use of chemicals a sapling fails to produce enough antioxidants to fight and develop resistance power against these flaws. Organic method of cultivation increases the levels of antioxidant to three times the conventional method of cultivation. Antioxidants therefore are too important for a plant to develop resistance against the free radicals that are also reason for number of health problems comprising from joint and muscle pain to cancer. Thus it has become necessity even for farmers to use as much as organic methods of cultivation to produce health and nutritious food for society at large.

•    Organic gardening helps to treat diabetes: No doubt organic gardening is helpful in treating many diseases and keeps great stake in for a healthier body and soul. The vegetables as produced by the means of organic gardening have much higher level of nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The spinach as produced by the method of conventional agriculture has about one third of iron in comparison to spinach as produced by the organic method.  So while eating the organic produce one does not digest harmful fertilizers and pesticides instead he eats the peel that contains a very high level of nutrients and fiber. Whatever, compound that are used in the organic gardening are obtained from the animal manure, chopped leaves and grass and leftovers retained from the meals. As hardly any chemicals are used in organic manure therefore their results too bring health and safety to you and your family and even prevent from getting infected chronic diseases.

•    Organic gardening is environmental friendly: The Organic gardening is now more in practice than ever before. It decreases the harmful chemicals from our food, protects the top soil and above all is more environmental friendly than other agriculture techniques. It retains and harbors the natural fertility of the soil by the use of compost and other organic substances in place of chemicals. The use of organic food in our diet protects us from consuming harmful chemicals into our bodies. By this mean of farming the toxic pesticides remain out of the water cycle and food supplies. It uses the natural means to control pest and pesticides are rarely used in the process. Whenever required pesticides are made from naturally available plant oils and minerals and there least toxic means and methods are used in cultivation. Organic farming is also very helpful in the soil productivity by keeping up the biomass level in the soil. A biomass level of the soil contains the microorganisms, insects, small animals and plants.     

•    Organic Gardening is a cost effective affair: There are many advantages of organic gardening as it protects from lethal diseases and ailments as germinated from the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the field. The method of producing crops by this means also results in more nutritious and healthy food. Health is only a side of this method of farming more it is a very effective in saving money for farmers. The organically produced crops bring better results than the conventional methods of farming all in an invitingly fifty percent lower expenditure. It requires less investment on fertilizer and energy and saves around 40% more of the top soil. In organic farming soil management comes naturally to it. In the process even injured soil as improves as by the means of the extensive use of micro-nutrients by the means of crop rotation, inter cropping techniques and improvised use of green fertilizer. It also helps a farmer get rid of troubling weeds without using any chemicals upon them.