When applying from the set rules for content or copy writing it is AIDA that is corner stone for any type of theory. The concept of AIDA is believe to be derived from the direct mailer concept and soon gained popularity in circles related to the specific genre of writing known to be copy writing.

AIDA is termed to be very basic concepts of human nature that are catered and directed to while developing a content writing or copy writing piece. A here is termed to Attention, I to interest, D to desire and A again is known for Action.

And each individual termed used in AIDA is meant for each step in the copy writing process which takes a reader from various steps to the final buying of a product. As for A that is Attention it is the head line of an Ad copy, which immediately catches attention of prospective customer. In heading a customer can get answer to any of his immediate problems in form of solution to a problem, if form of used static, in a quote, in a question or in a mystery heading. Or a heading for attention can be made as from generating fear, guilt, flattery, exclusivity, greed and anger.

After grabbing attention it is the number of interest for a reader that you produce in introducing paragraph or in a first paragraph of an Ad copy. Next after Interest a good copy writer derives a desire in a reader for a product or service and finally lead him to the action where tempt a reader finally to buy a service. ThuS a good copy writer should always follow rules of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and ACTION) to bring out excellent copy writing results.

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