As the year 2017 has reached to its full culmination and we are close to end of the year, the advertising trends for global brands seemed different from the trends during the last two years. The marketing and advertising experts already had an idea about this transformation of advertising, where, technology has taken front space, putting aside conventional marketing based behaviors.       
However, ranging from a number of advertising trends, the most important one witnessed out there are intensive use of software applications and HTML 5.  Among the popular activities observed in the advertising industry, the dark social is the behavior that has attracted the attention of marketers.            
Appearing to be mysterious, dark social has nothing to do with the dark web but it is about the data on social media that can’t be traced easily. The conversion on the application like private messaging apps, texts or email, rather than shared on social media where the origin of data can’t be traced is learnt to be dark social. Brands now have started focusing about communities on these social media apps like Whatsapp and Wechat. They are creating brand advocates to pitch their product and services to masseuses and consumers instantly. It is primarily is being used for sending links, discount codes and other interested content that is much pitched and concentrated. With a vast array of platform and messaging apps available dark social is a talk of the branding tomorrow.
Agile Marketing is another set of activities adapted from other industries to be utilized in advertising even more often. The experiment with agile has already begun with advertising in beginning of 2016 to make it more reactive and responsive to make campaigns both effective and relevant. Therefore, with an agile way of working the short term goals are being set out there and efforts are made to achieve them. The optimization of the project is the maximization of goals as being achieved out there in the quickest smallest time frame.  

Some other effective brand marketing activities that influencing modern advertising trends are social advertising, augmented reality and chat bots.

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